Water Softening Is Fast Becoming The Greenest Technology You Can Buy For Your Home


We are all conscious of the A,B & C ratings on modern appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines and boilers for instance. In our own way we know that we can do something positive for the environment and at the same time make our budget stretch further today and for the future by carefully selecting more efficient technologies.

The reality is that if you live in a hard water area and do not protect your appliances then the energy ratings go out the window, along with the product warranties and the savings you hoped to make. This means higher energy costs, a larger carbon footprint and higher maintenance costs.

Recent independent studies have proven that hard water will reduce the efficiency of water heating by as much as 15% per year. That means that you will use 15% more fuel in year 2 to get the same amount of hot water as in year 1. This rises each year. When fuel price rises are taken into consideration the additional spend may be 25% more each year.

The only way to guarantee the same efficiency of appliances year after year is to remove the hardness from the water.

This can only be done using an ion-exchange softener. The hardness is removed at source and is prevented from damaging your home. This has the added benefits of less soap, shampoo and detergents being used, again kinder to the environment and to your pocket. Housework is reduced with no scale building up in shower heads and on surfaces.

Call-outs by servicemen can be inconvenient with the cost of repairs often more than replacement. Protect your investment today with a Watersource water softener and enjoy the savings.

Watersource water softeners are made in Ireland to suit Irish conditions. We select the most advanced components available and incorporate these in our range of water treatment equipment. Please consult your local agent for details of our whole range including well water systems and commercial applications.