Grants are available for the upgrade of existing private water supplies to include:

drilling or commissioning a new well,

rehabilitating an existing well, including deepening or relining an existing bore or the removal of silt,

providing or upgrading a supply of water from a surface water source,

the construction or improvement of a pumphouse, piping or other faccilities in connection with the supply of water,

the provision or improvement of mechanical or electrical equipment or faccilities in connection with the supply of water, or,

the provision or improvement of faccilities or equipment for the treatment of water.

Who Administers the grant applications:

The County Councils have the responsibility to administer the Grant scheme on behalf of the government.

Is it worthwhile making an application?

The Grant will provide funding for necessary work up to a value of €2031.58, or a maximum of 75% of the approved cost.

How do I know if I qualify?

If the dwelling is your personal home and you have not accessed a grant within the past seven ( 7 ) years you will most likely qualify. The grant will only cover work that is directly related to the supply of water to a private house.

Who can carry out the necessary works?

After receipt of a Certificate of Provisional Approval, the works concerned may commence. The works must be carried out by a contractor registered for VAT who holds a current Form C2 or Tax Clearance Certificate from the Revenue Commissioners.

To ensure that the work is carried out by a suitably qualified Water Treatment Professional, the professional credentials of every contractor should be asked for and checked to ensure that the contractor has the relevant qualifications to specify, install commission and maintain the equipment to ensure long term satisfaction for the customer. Ask for these qualifications as a minimum.

If in any doubt, or you require assistance with the application process, please contact Watersource directly. We will ensure your application is correct and that all information is present to expedite the grant approval.