If you have any issue with your water, the best place to start is with a water treatment professional. When we say that we mean someone who has invested in achieving true water treatment credentials. 

Look to see what internationally accredited organisations they are members of, and if they just pay a fee each year to use the name, or are active in learning and proving they understand water treatment. You need to safeguard yourself. Look to see how long they have belonged to industry organisations.

Do they have ANY water treatment Qualifications, not a degree in civil or general engineering. 

Water treatment in this country is unregulated. In America, the minimum qualification you need before you touch anyone’s water is a Certified Water Specialist qualification. If you do not hold this qualification you can be prosecuted for attempting to treat a water supply.

You need to ensure that the “Professional” you are dealing with has this qualification as a minimum!

Don’t just go with the “local guy”. Technology is relentless, treatments develop and change. In the past, treatments for the removal of Iron and Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide used Potassium Permanganate or “Pot Perm” or “Permix” as a regenerant. The use of such a regenerant has been outlawed by Irish legislation as Potassium Permanganate is now considered to be a POISON. 

This regenerant is being used and is coming into contact with the water that is feeding the house for their drinking and bathing. I have come across customers who recently have had companies recommend and fit these systems.   The very POISON which makes these work is outlawed and will become unobtainable, but that didn’t stop these companies from supplying old and outdated technology.

You wouldn’t consider buying a car using 1950’s technology, isn’t the security of your family’s water source more important to you?