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Water Softener “Bargains”.

They say "you can fool some of the people some of the time", but for some companies operat...

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Use a water treatment professional

If you have any issue with your water, the best place to start is with a water treatment professional.

When we say that we mean someone who has invested in achieving true water treatment credentials.

Look to see what internationally accredited organisations they are members of, and if they just pay a fee each year to use the name, or are active in learning and proving they understand water treatment.

You need to safeguard yourself.

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Reverse Osmosis Purification


Reverse Osmosis is the mechanism whereby water is pressurised through a membrane to exclude contaminants. 

Originally developed by the U.S. Navy to remove the "salt" from salt water so that the missions on which warships were sent could exceed the amount of fresh water that could be carried. 


Today's domestic R.O. units are quite compact. They typically are made up of 4 or more likely 5 stages. 


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How to remove bad smell from your water

Hydrogen sulphide is a gas which readily disolves in water. When released by say turning on tap the disolved gas escapes from the water to become a gas again.  The first indication of the presence of Hydrogen sulphide is the noxious odour. In most cases Hydrogen sulphide or the “Rotten Egg” smell will be greatly depleted, or even absent by the time the sample arrives at the lab. For this reason it can be quite difficult to quantify the problem. 

You need to protect yourself.

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